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hair removal


Eyebrow |£8.00
Lip or Chin|£8.00 (Lip & Chin £13.50)
Underarm |£11.00
Bikini Line
Brazilian| £18.00
Playboy/Hollywood | £18.00
Half Leg | £16.00
Full Leg |£24.00
Forearm |£15.00
Chest or Back |£16.00
We are happy to quote a price for other areas.

wax packages
GOLD |£36.00 Full leg, Bikini, under arm and eye brows
SILVER |£24.95 Half leg, underarm, bikini and eye brows
BRONZE |£15.00 Eye brow, lip and chin

Pre/post waxing advice: No heat treatments 24 hours prior to treatment, i.e. sun beds, steam room/saunas. A sensitive deodorant should be
used up to 48 hours after underarm waxing. Please book a free patch test if you have sensitive skin.