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Reflexology (not clinical) - One hour: |£32.00
Refloxology is a relaxing treatment in which the feet are worked on to directly stimulate and enliven the reflexes. Promotes well being and can assist in eliminating congestion. Many conditions can benefit from Reflexology.

Physiotherm Infrared Therapy Single session |£7.00 Ten x 20 mins sessions |£50.00
• Eases Arthritis
• Improved blood circulation and cardiovascular fitness
• Reduce/remove muscle and joint aches and pain including arthritis and back pain
• Promotes the body’s natural detoxification process through sweat
• Calorie burning through sweat production, 1g sweat = 0.5kcal• Helps to promote relaxation, boost moods and improve general well-being
• Increased circulation to the skin helps promote a younger looking complexion
• All within a comfortable pleasant environment which does not strain the body
• The health benefits of the infrared therapy are complemented by aromatherapy, sound therapy, colour therapy and full spectrum sunlight
(for SAD) for a truly whole body rejuvenation experience and unsurpassed relaxation and well being.